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 P.E Class game, rules and Macro's

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PostSubject: P.E Class game, rules and Macro's   Sat Jun 28 2014, 15:10

Rules for the games played during Liliths super cool P.E Class ^-^

Hide and Seek
This is your regular game of hide and seek but with a fun twist. It involves tinies (hiders) and biggies (seekers) - it may even involve more biggies in the form of spectators.

The general rules for hide and seek are:

You must remain inside the school
You have to hide in a spot where you are visible (So hiding inside people is not allowed)
You may change your position if spotted, but the game is over if you are caught
If you are caught, you lost and have to stand on the table in the drama game until the game is over

Rules and Guidelines for Hiders

You have to be size 0.01
Your speed is supposed to be at -95
You will be grouped up with the other hiders so you can communicate without giving away your position (Watch out for automatic emotes)
You can dye your outfit to fit your surroundings if you wish

Rules and Guidelines for Specators

Spectators can walk around the school, do normal things like sit,read and study
They can help hiders but not Seekers

Size Tag
This game is somewhat like regular tag, but with a twist. You are given a time limit and have to avoid being the tagged when the time is up.

The general rules for size tag are:

If you are within 0m distance of the tagger, you are tagged and now have to tag someone else
When you tag a person, you use the "Tag macro" on them and use the "Runner macro" on yoursel
You may not tag the person who tagged you for 2 minutes
You are supposed to turn of the names so there can be a hide element involved as well
You will be grouped up in order to make it easier to keep track of distance

Macros needed for the game:

Macro for "it"
/say //appearance size 0.15
/say //speed -85

Macro for the people "not it":
/say //appearance size 0.0.85
/say speed -90

Mountain Climbing

The Rules of mountain climbing are simple, reach the top of the teachers head and avoid getting squished

At the start, each student will be assigned a number, when the game starts, all student must climb up the teacher withing turns, each student maybe pick where to climb, from the Front,Back or from the Sides

A student can do 3 things, They can:

Climb: go forward a turn to reach a higher area
Wait: you will not progress and you wont be in any danger, but you may only stop at pitstops
Change climbing path: You waste 2 turns to go to the other side 4 if they want to go to the opposite path
(Example: From the front, you can go to the side of the teacher in 2 turns, but to get to the back of the teacher, you have to waste 4 turns)

When the teacher rolls your number on her "Random number generater" you will get a strike, The teacher will set how many strikes will be required for you to lose, so if you get too many strikes, your out!

If the teacher rolls a "Special number" (again, the teacher will decide what number that will be) a special event will happen, which may cause you to go down a level,up a level, fall off if you have a certain amount of strikes, or get grabbed by the teacher.

Here are the pit stops for the tinies and how many turns it takes to get to them, Remember, You can only stop or change climbing paths on the Stops!

Front (21)
1 turn to get on feet
2 turns to reach the end of the fuzzy boots
1 turn to climb onto the knee
3 turns to climb to the thigh
2 turns to reach lower waist / pants
2 turns to reach top of pants
1 turn to reach belly button
4 turns to reach bra
2 turns to reach shoulders
1 turn to reach side of head
2 turns to reach top of head

Back (21)
3 turns to reach fuzzy boots
2 turns to reach back of knee
3 turns to reach thigh
1 turn to reach lower waist
1 turn to reach reach upper waist
2 turns to reach back ofshirt
3 turns to reach hoodie
2 turns to climb over hoordie
2 turn to reach side of head
2 turns to reach head

Side (20, better grade if finishing)
3 turns to reach fuzzy boots
3 turns to reach pants
3 turns to reach shirt, possibility of being squished by arm
4 turns to armpit
2 turn to climb over arm
3 turns over hoodie
1 turn to the side of head
2 turns to top of head

Arm (optional - special roll)
Wait until number is picked again before being able to squirm out of grip
3 turns to elbow
4 turns to shoulder
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P.E Class game, rules and Macro's
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