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 Kalebriel: Goddess of Harvests, Agriculture, and Farming

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PostSubject: Kalebriel: Goddess of Harvests, Agriculture, and Farming    Tue Sep 15 2015, 05:45


Name: Kalebriel, or Kaleb to her friends.
Rank: Goddess
Realm of Influence: Farming, Harvests, the Moon, Rainfall, Growth, Fertility.
Alignment: Neutral good
Mannerisms: Friendly, playful, usually gentle. Can be cruel, but more likely mischievous. Rarely kills save for sacrifices.
Appears Age: 17 springs.
Symbol: A Purple Rose.
Seeks: Worshipers, playthings (tinies). Friendship, Worshipers (Giantesses). Possible Allies (Goddesses)  


Harvests. Making people happy. Being friendly. A good laugh. Hard working people, Farmers. Other honest folk. People to worship her. 'Hands on' problem solving. 'Hands on' worshiping of her person. Tiny women (not that men are bad!). Being loved and revered, though she can get a little blushy if it's to over the top.


Unnecessarily cruel giantesses without just cause. Tinies that are to big for their britches. Thieves. Lazy people. Injustice (Her views on such).

Views on..

Tinies: Kalebriel views tinies as cute, and useful yet very much unequal creatures. She is a goddess, they are mortals meant to serve and worship her. It might be comparable to how humans see animals, such as dogs. Still, she often demonstrates a great deal of empathy for mortal blights, and, in the past, was beloved for her 'hands on' approach to solving mortal problems.

Kaleb believes there is a reason that people are small. Particularly, small women, who she believes are not large because they were created for the sole purpose of worshiping 'proper' women (giantesses). She tends to view them as more perverted than even males, who, in her mind, were simply forced to be small because of their gender. That isn't to say she is disgusted or looks down upon smaller women (At least, she doesn't look down on them any more than she does small males), in fact, quite the opposite. She seems to value small women as the best toys a goddess like her could have.

Giantesses: Despite having evolved into a goddess through her deeds. Kaleb still views goddesses as equals. For the most part. She will freely make conversations with them, often paying more attention to their words than she does the tiny people around her. She understands that, being a goddess, she -should- view- even giantesses as servants. After all, her bounties have been tailored to be more abundant so that even giantess are not left wanting. However, institutionally, she seems to still connect and see her herself as a 'normal girl' (giantess), and thus, it is hard for her to dismiss them as easily as she does tinies.

That being said, Kaleb is also looking for giantesses to worship her to cement her power and urge her more growth as a goddess. Also, she has a secret thing for shrinking giantesses and making them small so she can play with them. But it's rather out of character for her to simply do so.

If she can, she prefers to interact with giantesses her same size, or smaller. Like most large people, she tends to get a little jealous of giantesses that are larger than her (in character), but can refrain from attempting to outgrow them if she thinks it will cause to much trouble to her potential to people.  

Other Goddesses: This is a tricky one. Being a fledgling goddess, Kaleb can sometimes still be a little intimidated by others of her kind. But not nearly as much as she was before. She can sometimes be a slight bit submissive around giantesses she empathize or admires, however, she has a strong core code and believe, meaning even with this submissive nature in place, it is difficult to sway her actions when it comes to her godly duties.

((WIP, can't save drafts, so I'll work on this later.))
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Kalebriel: Goddess of Harvests, Agriculture, and Farming
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