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 The newest shop in town

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Caitlyn The Hunter

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PostSubject: The newest shop in town   Sun Sep 27 2015, 20:48

Hiiii... Welcome to my shop,  I hunt tinies mostly, but also biggers ones depends on my mood.

In my shop people can buy my goods or hire them from me for a reasonably price . My shop is in oriel in the shopping plaza near the large kitchen .

BUt before I list some prices and names let me explain.
When I was younger my parents had a store like this aswell , Only they had others hunt them. I liked the hunt myself so I trained for it and went to a special school foor hunters like me and got ym degree and permit within 4 years, I'm 25 years old now so that's quite the achievment.

I started working for others and caught quite alot, but there was alot of competition , so I safed up for some expensive runic stones and used them to cast a traveling spell, I wanted to go to an other planet ,but I went a bit too far and ended up here ... I live here for a while already but never made myself known because I wanted to learn about this place first... It was untill I ran into some little guy that appeard before me, he was my first here that I captured, he was living in my garden and I spotted him when I was watering the grass.

I kept him for a few years and got tired of him, Gained a few more and used that first fellow for insole and to clean my shoes and boots, Lately he got soo damn boring I dropped him in oriel near the fountain and tossed the key into the fountain for anyone that wants him.

New I'm starting all over, A new start with my first shop that I own myself,  and hunt for myself unless I find some fine hunters , wich I'll pay.

But back to my shop .

Tinies can have several qualities , I rank them from rank 1 to 10 , 1 is the best 10 is ..well dog food

There are times I hunt biggers ones aswell , the "normies" or normals,  and if I feel up to it even a giantess .

They also have several levels of qualities.

But that is not interesting for now, for now let's start with .....


I heard the currency here is known as Kinah but that's so boring...Then I heard about something really interesting GODDES TEARS  

Sooooo... I take those as currency for my tokens!...

1 goddes tear will be equal to 300 C-tokens ( Caitlyn-tokens)
To be generous I wll give every WOMEN  50 C-tokens , as a gift to learn about my shop and to spend in my shop.
Isn't that great!?!?   A little gift from your favorite Shop owner.

Now if you want to buy one or rent one, Fill in this :

Now the most inportant my prices!!



P.S. Because they are my tokens, Doing me some favors and helping me or selling a tiny to me Brings you tokens to use aswell, NO refund! though

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Caitlyn The Hunter

Posts : 5

PostSubject: Re: The newest shop in town   Sun Sep 27 2015, 21:18

I had no goods yet, So I went back to the plaza to see nobody took my gift!!!

So I retrieved Spekle and Put him back on the counter as my first Tiny of my new collection .

Tiny #1:

Later today I was walking around and did some groceries,and there he was...My next tiny... Here goes ! Because he isn't trained yet he'll be on a 30% discount!

Tiny # 2:
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The newest shop in town
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