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     Stacii Got Shrunk!

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    Tiny Female
    Tiny Female

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    PostSubject: Stacii Got Shrunk!   Fri Jan 08 2016, 23:28

    Stacii was once a royal princess on a far away planet that was conquered by an evil alien species. She swore revenge for what the aliens had done to her world and her people and began an epic adventure to learn the arts of combat. She traveled the galaxy and sought instruction from infamous intergalactic warriors to perfect her skills. She learned swordplay from elite space samurai, she trained in marksmanship at the intergalactic gunslingers academy, she learned to harness mystic powers from the witches of the Wiccan System, and mastered the knowledge of advanced magic technology from the cyborg people of the Techie Planet. After years of preparation she returned to her home world to confront the evil alien king who had taken everything from her. After battling her way through his army of evil alien warriors, Stacii finally confronted the evil alien king in an epic showdown. Unfortunately for her, the king had planned for her rebellion and before she could even take a step forward to attack, the alien king revealed his planet's secret weapon, a shrink ray! With a pull of the trigger the alien king zapped the well trained warrior princess with his powerful shrink ray. Stacii screamed as the ray zapped her and her surroundings began to expand before her dwindling eyes. Stacii's screams turned into squeaks as she was miniaturized to a tiny size along with her equipment and weaponry. The evil alien king laughed at her pathetic squeaky protests as the four inch tall warrior princess tried to attack the now gigantic tyrant. Stacii's tiny swords shattered on the alien king's armored boots, her tiny blasters merely tickled the alien monster's skin, her mystic powers were too small and pathetic to break the alien king's mystical barriers, and her advanced magic equipment was crushed to dust beneath the alien king's boot. The poor shrunken princess had failed but rather than just dispose of the tiny little woman the alien king stuck her into a small space pod and launched her to an underdeveloped world where he was certain she would be squished or eaten by a wild animal. Fortunately the shrunken princess was able to survive, but now finds herself lost, alone, and tiny on a strange world.

    ((Hey everyone I'm new to SRP, I hope my character's back story is enjoyable for you all and I try to stay in character while I'm playing. I've been a long time gts/shrink role player on other forums, primarily imvu, for a few years now. When it comes to GTS themes I am pretty much open to anything and everything so don't hesitate if you want to be gentle or mean I play along in any situation. I also like to play video games so don't be surprised to find me out in the wilderness fighting over sized monsters for fun lol.))
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    PostSubject: Re: Stacii Got Shrunk!   Sat Jan 09 2016, 03:34

    Welcome to forum and i hang out on imvu sometimes when i could and came on the server here but my laptop is fried and have to get a new one to be on Stacii. So i can't come see ya or talk to ya but you better be careful in our world some of the giantess may decide to use you as a toy or make ya into snack to crave their hunger. Or just step on ya and be on there way.

    But their is alot of things they could do also with so many options open. But we do have a section for the fantasies of tinies or giantess to help the others to know what they are allowed to do or the giantess is willing to do if you play that role one day. But it is your choice to post their and i'm an admin here.

    These are all my alts i will be on sometimes for a change of pace maybe for a week or so.

    Ashera (Half Neko/Human)
    Oceanna (Mermaid)
    Serpentina (Half Demon/Lamia)
    Sierra (Succubus)
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    Stacii Got Shrunk!
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