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 Arrival Of The All-Powerful Pixie Prince

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Prince Vix


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PostSubject: Arrival Of The All-Powerful Pixie Prince   Mon Apr 04 2016, 14:16

Hello to all my new little slaves and worshipers. Feel free to rub my feet during the introduction. No? I don't remember asking! Pixies, and especially male pixies, may have a reputation for being on the small side, but that's not the case here. In fact I consider butt crushing human villages my hobby, and my diet consists entirely of disobedient slaves or unlucky prisoners. Though if you worship me properly and obey my every little command then maybe I'll let you stick around as my servant for a while. I particularly love to tease, humiliate, enslave, and perhaps finally devour giantess in particular. Seeing them helpless before a vastly larger pixie and forced to obey my every whim before satisfying the bigger giant's appetite. I also absolutely adore for giantess to make a note that I'm prettier then they are, and most characters will probably mistake me for a girl at first.
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Arrival Of The All-Powerful Pixie Prince
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