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 Dorian grey, The one and only

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Dorian Grey


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PostSubject: Dorian grey, The one and only   Sun May 21 2017, 04:07

Well hello there where and what ever you ...elfs are? .... My name is dorian grey...I am a human that has passed the 150year old mark...Due to some..Uncertain events I though I was killed and would go to hell ....Yet I woke up in this field...As I wander around I see a little town and some elf like I talk to them they understand me?...Who knew elfs speak english..

This place seems to be "oriel" .... So This is where you can find me... This world does seem like magic is..common here and people don't hide it .. Where i am from there was magic but not this publicly ..There even was a vampire chick...She was hot but that bitch killed me... Some old man that had one hell of a shot... An invisable pervent...his clothes weren't invisable..And of course the docter...Docter jackel..and his potions .. I recall they called him hyde...Or it was the otherway around.. I never really botherd to care..Petty mortals are so boring after a decade...Anyhow back to my story.. I'm here now and I want to learn . I want to know about this place and learn about these elfs here ...and where some fields of grass show huge there some race of giants or such like in the fatasy books?.

With kind regard... Lord Dorian grey.
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Dorian grey, The one and only
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