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 Back After Quite Some Time

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PostSubject: Back After Quite Some Time   Tue May 23 2017, 03:53

Hey everyone, my name's Guy and I used to be part of this community a long while ago. I've been poked by some of my old friends here and there so after the most recent one I decided to actually pop back in. I'm not sure how often I'll be on but I'll betrying to sneak some RP in here and there. I'm an easygoing guy and love to chat so feel no hesitation to poke me! As far as RP goes, I'll have both a tiny (Guy) and a Giantess (Lycyna). Guy is a pretty ordinary tiny, his manners polished as he's found good behavior to be the best way to avoid being stomped out. Lycyna is a far from ordinary giantess that shows a varrying range of behaviors. I suggest you get on her good side; she's rather pleasent if she likes you, kind even. If she doesn't like you, then... You can take some guesses.

We can talk more on RP stuff or talk more about whatever, whenever. Just reach out to me! Looking forward to spending time with you all Smile
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Back After Quite Some Time
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