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 Ariel: The lady of Light

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PostSubject: Ariel: The lady of Light    Sun Jun 04 2017, 15:53

(First draft. I want to edit it later, but for now it will do. I decided to post it in both forums. Hello everyone ^^)

------------------------------------------------OPTIONAL READ FOR CONTEXT-----------------------

Exerts from the Book of the Elyos, Library of Sanctum.

Chapter One: Creation

Countless millennia ago, the one God, Aion, created Atreia. A beautiful world it was, a planet full of life and color with the mighty Tower of Eternity spanning the inner core of the world. This was a time when the Elyos and the Asmodians were the same people, simply called humans. A world was fully encased, and inside it was illuminated only by the soft, gentle glow of the tower. It nurtured the humans, gave them hope and supported them in every way. They in turn were fully subservient to their god.

Chapter Two: The Age of the Balaur

They were called the draken, and were appalling beasts to behold. The humans quickly learned to hide from them, using natural enclaves to keep their keen eyes attracted elsewhere. Still they lost thousands of our kind, while other creatures were entirely wiped out under their relentless onslaught. Others, such as the Mau, and Krall, were enslaved by the draken; only kept alive so that their brute strength could be used against other enemies.

These draken, sent by Aion to rule Atreia, quickly became more confident as their numbers swelled. However, as their greed for power grew, so did they start to forget their mission, and indeed, their god. Stories tell of one day in particular, when something changed in the draken. They became more organized, and a few of their number gained dominance over the others. Later it was learned these draken called the event their ’awakening’, and it was roughly around this time that their new masters, the five Dragon Lords, renamed their kin with the term which is still under use today - the Balaur.

The first time the humans ancestors saw the Balaur, they thought them a new species, such was the difference in physical appearance and ability. It was only after their first attacks that they recognized the sheer brutality of their assailants, and their unrelenting desire to extinguish life, that the truth dawned the ancestors: These creatures, who had apparently received a blessing from Aion, were the same terrors that had been so ruthlessly wiping race after race from the face of Atreia.

The Balaur had by this stage forgotten their mission entirely, becoming arrogant and greedy and demanding more power from Aion than could be provided. Aion refused, threatened by the potential consequences of granting such destructive terrors the same abilities that the benevolent creator possessed. Realizing their potential was being suppressed by Aion, the Balaur eventually turned on their god, rallying forth their more warlike subjects and threatening the Tower of Eternity itself.

Chapter Three: The Millennium War

The human ancestors were brave, and stood united in defense of the tower and the god that they had come to love. However, the Balaur, with their sheer brute force, tore through their ranks, slaughtering thousands where they stood. In a desperate move, Aion created the Empyrean lords, 12 powerful guardians tasked with reigning in the marauding Balaur and restoring order to Atreia. Aion also created Aether, a substance which the Empyrean Lords could manipulate to protect themselves and their followers from the Balaur. This substance was also used to create a protective shield around the Tower of Eternity, so large that it allowed our remaining ancestors to rest within its boundaries and slowly, day by day, restore some semblance of civilization.

So was started the Millennium War, a conflict that saw the lands and creatures outside our Aetheric shield burn and scream in agony as the Balaur took out their frustrations on anything that dared show even the slightest resistance. Man and God fought side by side. Eventually, the Empyrean lords took to their side certain individuals who seemed to possess the ability to manipulate Aether as well. These individuals became known as Daeva, and in the full passage of time would unlock power far greater than our own. They were virtually demi-gods, and would soon become instrumental in shaping the future.

Chapter Four: Hope

Of all the Empyrean Lords, the one who spoke most to the humans, the people, was a beautiful figure named Ariel. On one of her first evenings on Atreia, Ariel came down from the tower of Aion and spoke with them around the campfire. By all accounts, she was patient and caring, and told them everything that they needed to hear. The Balaur, mighty and terrifying as they were, would not dare cross the boundaries of the Aetheric shield. For the first time in many, many years, they were actually safe. There still exists the stone carving depicting that evening, showing this great female figure, with open arms, watching the humans weep tears of joy and relief, as they celebrated for the first time in many, many years.

Tales speak of this Ariel, because it was she who first recognized the wisdom in Lord Israphel’s unexpected proposal and saw that peace was the only option. It was she who had the foresight to know that victory, if possible at all, would almost certainly cripple the human species; and it was she who was brave enough to confront her fellow Empyrean Lords, and condemn their thirst for endless battle as the vainglory it truly was.

While no records exist of what exactly was said between the Empyrean Lords in the wake of Israphel’s announcement, it is known that there was something of a dispute between Ariel and some of the more warlike Lords. It was clear the decision to seek peace would not go unopposed, and for the first time, rifts appeared in our united front. However after hours, an agreement was finally made. The Guardians had spoken: there would be peace.

Chapter Five: The Cataclysm

The morning of the peace conference dawned. Humans awoke to find the five Dragon Lords, leaders of the Balaur, standing alone outside the Aetheric Field. The drawings of the day show them to be physically huge creatures, much larger than the other Balaur.

Siel and Israphel, the two Empyrean Lords charged with protecting the tower itself, lowered the Aetheric Field, and invited the Dragon Lords inside the tower for negotiations. Here was a chance for these creatures to destroy the humans entirely, and yet they chose not to, instead walking peacefully through their settlements and into the tower. For a while, it even looked like the peace negotiations were going well.

Then, in a moment’s breath, it happened.

A sudden shout of panic.  Azphel seen move swiftly and suddenly, and the Dragon Lord Vitra collapse. The Balaur did not waste time with words. In an instant, there was carnage and chaos. Their hatred redoubled, they hacked their way past the humans and into the very substance of Aion itself. The walls of the Tower shivered and cracked, coming away in titanic shards. Ariel wept as she strove to hold the Tower of Eternity intact. Sent to its southern base to lend her energy to the Tower, along with all of her attendant Lords, she was now all that stood between Atreia and destruction. Azphel and his group, sent northwards with the same purpose, were no doubt too enthralled with the sudden resumption of hostilities to do their duty and hold the Tower intact.

For despite Ariel’s striving, the Lords failed. The Tower gave a mighty groan, buckled and shattered from end to end. Aion fell. Millions died in the event which is now known as the Cataclysm. Finally, as the debris settled, we could see what had happened to the once beautiful world: Aion, the Tower of Eternity, was shattered, and this world was torn in two.

------------------------------------------------END OPTIONAL READ FOR CONTEXT--------------------

Current day

It's been a thousand years since the Cataclysm. The Empyrean lords had vanished. The abyss, bleeds Atreia of it's life. Atreia is dying. The world bleeds Aether continually through the grand Abyss, and unless this bleed is controlled, stemmed, then this life source will be exhausted. This world, only held together by Siel and Israphel’s final sacrificial act, will simply fall apart, and the empty halves which once made this great planet will drift through space forever. All that lives here will be extinguished in the blink of an eye, and all that have been achieved, all that have been worked for, will be lost.

And thus, once again, Aion calls for Ariel. She who once protected this world, must save it again.

Faith and arms

We shall endure. We are the light of a new dawn, and the promise of a better tomorrow. We are life, and the joy of life; and more, we are the mail-clad fist that would strike down those who seek to extinguish our light.


She is Ariel, Deity of Light, Arch Seraphim of the kindgom of Elysya, and leader of the Empyrean Lords. Once again sent by Aion to save a world she once protected. Her mission, is one she cannot due alone. She must stem the Aether bleed, and for that she needs mortals who are not as affected by it as she is.

Every few years, a Dredgion comes close enough to Atreia. These are mighty space faring vessels originally manned by the balaur. Long have they been forgotten, but these great machines house powerful Aether crystals. Ariel knows how to disarm them safely, for these ships will self destruct if someone else tried to remove it. But she cannot handle the crystals herself, for that she needs mortals.

What she plans to do with them? Well, ask her yourself.

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PostSubject: God Works in Mysterious Ways   Wed Jun 07 2017, 16:00

Man says God works in mysterious ways, they do not understand us. Some fear us or hate us, some revere us and worship us, but most simply do not understand us.

Our appearance in Poeta was, as always, a surprise to the little mortals. Little Shaena spilled vials on herself in surprise, little Zodick was surprised and less than thrilled to see us, while little Vlad was still complaining about a lost tree. What trivial matters.

Naturally our appearance captivated their interest. Such is the way of mortals, even when some detest you. Little Vlad was as always, eager to see and please his Goddess, even as we made him much smaller. It was just a simple display, little Zodick was so curious, oh how does a God grant happiness. Some are pleased easily, some are not, but little Vlad was unquestionably pleased beneath our feet, pressed against our skin even as our weight came bearing down on him.

The blue-haired little Zodick is an interesting mortal, she questions everything, she even tried to manipulate a Deity. How fascinating, how bold. However, it was the little Shaena who was most enthusiastic. Eager to follow in our footsteps, eager to grow and drink the power. She will be a very iconic giantess one day, gallant in her use of her power and stature. She was so thrilled even as we gave her a very small Vlad to toy with. Is it not what such a small man is to a much superior woman? Nothing but a toy?

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PostSubject: A good boy   Thu Jun 22 2017, 22:38

It is amusing what little things these mortals concern themselves with. A husband, a secret mistress, or even a tree. Perhaps one of the most trivial things we have encountered during our travels, and yet little Vlad has been distressed over his little tree for weeks. We find him sitting next to where it used to be everyday, as if waiting for it to return. Silly little Vlad. Trees won't come back on their own, either look for it or plant a new one. But no matter, your Goddess is here to help you.

The solution is really simple, after all there is an infinite number of universes that are easily accessible if you had the means to travel between them. It was not difficult to find one where little Vlad had just recently fought Lilitu and was subsequently defeated and killed. Leaving a tree that he won't miss. Of course there was the small matter of taking a Vlad that is alive to a place where he was killed. Well, the solution was rather barking at us in the face.

What a good boy he is. Of course this was no ordinary dog, it was forged in Heaven to hunt Demons. That however, is a topic for another time. We don't want the hunted to learn about the hunter so soon, do we? Little Vlad meanwhile proved to be obedient and adaptable, and very eager to run after his Goddess. A short trip outside of town proved to be a good walking exercise for the new 'pupper', as he kept referring to himself. Perhaps it should be his new name. We made our way out of town and into a secluded spot where we made the transition. Of course it looks perfectly similar, almost as if we didn't go anywhere. We made our way back to town where there was a little Daente. He greeted us politely as always. Of course he was confused as little Vlad attacked and uprooted the tree to drag it back with us.

We took the trick back outside of town and little Vlad confessed exactly how he'd like his Goddess to take him out on walks. How you say? Well that would be telling now wouldn't it Smile. It did not take us long to return to town, in Vlad's original universe. Of course there was another little Daente waiting there. He greeted us the exact same way as his multiverse counterpart did, is that not adorable? Meanwhile little Vlad had been a puppy too long, because he was carrying the tree in his mouth, in his human form.

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PostSubject: Re: Ariel: The lady of Light    

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Ariel: The lady of Light
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