Role Playing forum of different sizes from tiny to giantess sizes. supports all sizes in-between. Create your own story.
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 Things to know for Forum and Server

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PostSubject: Things to know for Forum and Server   Tue Aug 29 2017, 17:44

Hi All

This Post is here to inform everyone that this forum is for you to have fun on our server with others. Your free to make your own story events of your own or take part in others if they allow it. So you can post your event here on the forum to let everyone know about it and what the rules are for it. But please respect everyone on the forum and if you have a problem please contact an admin on server if one is online.

Now on this forum we have groups made to help everyone know what they are wanting to be in the rp so at the bottom of the main page is the groups to choose from but it is your choice if you want to join one.

Then we have a post for your fantasy to let eveyone to know what you like or willing to do if your a giantess. But as a tiny this will help the giantess to know what she is able to do to you when in a rp with her. But if she does something you don't like let her know about it. I'm sure she will respect your wishes.

But you can post here if you like it is your call after all if you want others to know.

These are all my alts i will be on sometimes for a change of pace maybe for a week or so.

Ashera (Half Neko/Human)
Oceanna (Mermaid)
Serpentina (Half Demon/Lamia)
Sierra (Succubus)
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Things to know for Forum and Server
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