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 Koyote the Tiny Kitsune

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PostSubject: Koyote the Tiny Kitsune   Sat Oct 28 2017, 21:48

No one, not even Koyote himself, knows where he came from. He was kinda just there one day. Koyote is a half-kitsune, which once gave him minor shapeshifting abilities which he used for size changes. He generally causes a lot of mischief and got stuck permanently at 2 inches(5cm) after causing trouble for a witch and getting cursed in his smaller form.

He has white hair and ears as well as 9 tails to boot. Being half fox-spirit he is very  quick and agile, which certainly helps at his size.

One of his biggest weaknesses is his lust, especially with his size he will often follow beautiful women around, possibly getting a bit 'close', his size allows him to do so with less risk of getting caught.

Being only half-kitsune he is very limited with their powers, he used to have shapeshifting before his curse although he can still transform into his full fox form, he has basic fox-fire abilities but has no illusion powers like regular kitsune do. He can possess small inanimate objects and can enter dreams.

He enjoys clinging to and getting tangled/stuck in giantess clothes and hair. Occasionally he'll possess a pendant or ring to travel easier unless he has the option to ride between breasts without getting caught, then he'll choose that.

Last edited by Koyote on Sun Nov 05 2017, 02:14; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : This may get edited randomly as I come up with new things to add, so keep an eye out for any new details!)
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Koyote the Tiny Kitsune
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