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 Sanctum - Your Journey Begins

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PostSubject: Sanctum - Your Journey Begins   Tue Feb 05 2013, 20:27


You arrive in Sanctum by an airship and find yourself outside of bar hearing the laughter and music from the bar you approach it mildly curious about what is going on inside as you look into the bar deciding if to enter or not before continuing your Journey.

You are new to these lands and know very little of what happens around these parts and some of the locals here are staring at you oddly and while you wonder why that is a stranger walks past you bumping into your shoulder and whispering to you “get out of here it’s dangerous for you here.” You say nothing but turn your body towards the stranger as they pull down there hat and continue walking on slapping there Hand against a newspaper article by the pub before quickly walking off into the distance.

You approach the article pinned up against the post as you read it to yourself.

(Article Reads)
“Tourist goes missing again!

Lately the number of missing tourists has been on the incline. This has local officials baffled as no solid leads have been found although the only connection was that all where seen around a group a college school girls but officials are saying this is only a coincidence and that these girls had been model students some with honor degree’s. One girl questioned was honor student Miyako. Well known in her school for using experimental magic and excelling at magic in the white arts and wind magic as due to a series of unlucky events she had the lost the ability to use fire, ice and lightning magic although she quoted “you first have to lose something before you can truly appreciate its usefulness.” Miyako agreed to answer any questions the officials might have and commented that she was truly worried about these strange disappearances going on in sanctum. She had said that if the was anything else she could do for the officials that she would gladly help as long as it brought these disappearances to a stop”.

You feel nervous but also excited after you finish reading and your eyes look from left to right wondering if this might happen to you. You stand there thinking deciding what to next.

What will you decide to do?
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Sanctum - Your Journey Begins
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