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 Cursed with Fire. TOASTY!

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Tiny Male
Tiny Male

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PostSubject: Cursed with Fire. TOASTY!   Mon Jun 10 2013, 07:39

Wbile I was stealing from the giantess in my youth I stumbled onto one of the giantess homes. Like a annoying brother, sister and parent, I enter the lair without permission. While I was stealing I come across this weird orb of Fire. I looked deeply into it like it was calling me. As I gazed upon the firey orb a dragon like face appeared and I stepped back in surprise. I soon get surrounded in a vortex of fire and my body becomes incenerated and turn to ashes.

LIKE A PHEONIX FROM THE ASHES I ROSE UP LIKE A BOSS AND REBORN INTO ANEW. (Which was weird since it was a dragon face. Well Reptile and birds are related at some point.) So I had the ability of Fire which was fuelled by the rage of the death of my family from the giantess. With my Dragon fire, nimble of a theif and a skilled warrior I believe I am able to defeat a giantess and seek revenge. First I start with Amber who seems to be a friendly giantess traveler. A perfect for details on other giantess. She will make a great ally.
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Cursed with Fire. TOASTY!
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