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 Salvia the Aurorian Rise !

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Tiny Male
Tiny Male

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PostSubject: Salvia the Aurorian Rise !   Sun Jul 28 2013, 21:47

The "Aurorians" of the Galaxy

Since the Galaxy exist, since life growths througth the Galaxy we are watched from a Lifeform where we would say "The Real Gods" Other would say they are the Constructors of every Existing Lifeforms in the Galaxy, but nobody knows about them. The Idea was Billions of Years old, to give the Galaxy the power of Life. Life spreaded overall in the Galaxy and the "Real Gods" was carefull with this Experiments of Life. They watched every Lifeform, every Nature, every Presenze of Might in the Galaxy, but they know also that every eye from them wouldnt be enougth to overwatch and lead all these Lifeforms and Planets. As the Constructors of Life they find a way for the Perfekt Answer of this "High given Administration" Problem. They created the "Aurorians" , spezific souls who died on the Homeplanets and are strong enougth to share this Administrative work with the Constructors. From every Planet is everytime 2 or more Souls working for the own Homeworld. They Lead them with Inspirations, winks or Ideas from the Future, Angels or Demons, for only one Goal.: To keep the Balance alife, to keep the Planet alive. Every lost Planet would be a hard hit for the Constructurs, and if a Spezies or Planet reaches the "Deadline of Exist" they send a Aurorian to this World to bring or Keep that Balance back, for the Future of the Planet or Lifeform.

Aurorians have a spezial Ability to Read the DNA of every existing Lifeform on these Planets. The goal of an Aurorian is it to lead the Civilisation away from the "Deadline of Exist" or to Destroy the Unbalance on the Planet to Secure the Planet.

A Aurorian have 2 Souls in one Body, the Aurorian Soul who is only Interested for the Informations and the Goal to find, analyze and fix the Problems of the Planet where everything is needed to reach that. It beginns with the Simply Sozial overwatch of the Spezies on the Planet, goes over to learn about the Magic or Physics from them to be perfekt against every problem who stays in the way of the Goal. Mosttimes they reach her Goal with Wisdom and Technolegy, Sozial changes of the Civilisation, otherwise they Reach it with pure Power and Destruction to bring the Civilisation back to a Balanced Point. Thats the Aurorian.

The other Soul is the "Old Aurorian" a Sealed soul who gives the Aurorian Energy, but this Sealed Soul isnt only a Battery, its sealed so that the Aurorians never would do that what he has done in his old life. It keeps them in the blind mind that they are only exist to "protect and prevent" the Planets against the colaps. The Constructurs sealed every emotion, memory, feeling from the old life to maximize the Ressources of the Aurorians, and it prevents them to fall back into the Old lifeway what would stay more in the way as to help to reach the goal.

The ability of the Aurorians is realy simple and clever, they can Read other DNS to learn with the Informations from the Lifeform and they can change the own DNA to get Abilitys or maximize the own Power for the Goal.

Salvia was send to after the last Collaps of this world to find the Unbalance of this world and to find a way how to manage and fix this, her ways can be gone over wisdom, or over power, but only the Time and the Civilisation can lead her the way. Or ? ... We will see

(( Its my first Idea of Characterclass and background History from my Old Salvia, hope you agree and like it Smile ))
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Tiny Male
Tiny Male

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PostSubject: Re: Salvia the Aurorian Rise !   Tue Jul 30 2013, 01:44

So the settings are up, the DNA Reading and ability to Learn other abilitys / or Magic when Salvia trys to combine her DNA with the Person or Object who owns the Spell or ability is allowed, but dont think than can made her overpowered. There is everytime the Option that the Person can Stop the DNA Synch everytime, it needs time to Read the full DNA, and after that i set a Time to Learn this things, depends how easy or hard this abilitys or Spells are.:

Easy things.: 2 Ingame months to Learn how to use the DNA and Knowledge of the Ability or Spell

Middle.: 4 Ingame months to Learn how to use the DNA and Knowledge of the Ability or Spell

Hard.: 6 Ingame months to Learn how to use the DNA and Knowledge of the Ability or Spell

Salvia can only learn 3 Spells in 6 Months, and there must be a allways 2 Months space before she can learn another thing. So she dosnt grows up with magic or abilitys too fast.

Also with each ability or spell that she learns she gets from her Basic size ( Standard she is 0.5 ) a additional size of +3. That means if she would learn her first spell her new normal size would be 3.5 than, with the 2td 6.5 and and and. The Negative Point is that she CANT shrink herself under her Basic size. This has the reason that she would be early or later a Giantess, and if she needs to do something in a smaller size she CANT shrink herself, also not with a Potion, someone else must shrink her, that is allowed, but she for herself cant Smile

I hope you can enjoy her, and watch her way to Hold the World in Balance.
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Salvia the Aurorian Rise !
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