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 An Old World is Destroyed A New World is Born

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Mist ShadowFang

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PostSubject: An Old World is Destroyed A New World is Born   Sun Feb 17 2013, 16:06


Mist ShadowFang

An Old World is Destroyed

I see my friend tormented by Darkness and Nightmares as I try to calm her down holding her tightly to myself as she cries in pain from her thoughts. Kaila pushes me back her illusions have taken her away from me as I see her shaking at me in fear, I only but can imagine what it is she is seeing. I try to help her soothe those nightmares of hers as I place my hand against her forehead as she backs away with tears in her eyes as she turns her head away from me and runs. She must feel like this is to much of a burden for her to share with me as I watch her running off in the distance. She has gotten bad these last few days it is easy to see I just wish she would let me help….

She has locked herself away to scared to leave a small room that she had created inside her mind. She has become aware of the world around her as she see’s all that happens in our world after all she did create it herself. She can hear the voices of everyone in that world and it echo’s though her mind as she hears the voices telling her she is not accepted and it is tearing her apart inside. She won’t let me in to her mind she is blocking me out.

I wish to help her as the see her clutching to her own arms as her tears hit the ground the world outside dissolving as she no longer wishes for it. She can hear the screams of those dying around the edges of the world as she covers her ears to try cut out there screams inside of her head as I lean down and hug her tightly as she cries against my chest and closes her eyes as the world becomes no more. We float there in the vast emptiness as I hold her sleeping body against my own and rest my eyes as I drift off to sleep as she lets me inside of her mind as we both sleep.

I find myself in Kaila’s Dream world, it is a wasteland devoid of life and she stands there her arms folded as she stares forward watching as the debris is blown in the wind. She turns around sensing my presence as tilts her head off to side in shame as she scratches at her left arm and tears run down the side of her face. I walk up to her and gently put my arms around her to comfort her as I reach my hand to her face wiping away her tears she turns her head and gazes into my eyes as starts to cry out loudly and burying her head into my breasts and while sniffling she says “I didn’t want it to end like this…but at least I don’t hear the voices any more…..” I look down at her knowing it was to much for her as I ran my fingers through her hair and lightly pressed my lips against her forehead as I softly whispered to her “don’t worry it will be fine you will see.” I gently laid down her body and walked away from her as I suddenly vanished from her world and opened my eyes now back in the real world I look around at the darkness around me and close my eyes as I knew I wasn’t as strong as her but I had to try for her sake.

I knew the only reason she had made the world in the first place was to have friends but the burden of being the world’s creator is that you hear all the thoughts of those that are on the planet. She had found it hard to trust people as she had many visitors to her world but in the end they had all left. By the time she had people coming to stay she had come to think that this was some kind of trick and she acted defensively. She had thought these people where here to steal her world away from her and where going to banish her from it. She had became paranoid about this splitting herself constantly in half her own forms covering the entire world in disguise as she kept watch on them all she heard how she was feared because of her powers. She felt unwanted and pushed away until she could take it no longer and her world had started to crumble because of it as she tried desperately to cling to what was left until it finally slipped through her fingers and vanished.

A New World is Born

I would take the strain away from her now and recreate the world for her but I was not strong enough to give the world a full History of existence and only created them a past of fifty years. I knew the strain would leave me severally weakened and without my creation magic for some time but as long as Kaila had somewhere she felt welcomed and loved I didn’t care as I finished making the world I looked down upon it seeing everything as new and fresh I was happy with the results as I believe this to be a second chance for both me and Kaila as I place Kaila in hidden until she would awaken again I hoped to show her a new world teaming with life that would be happy to accept her for what she is an for her to smile for me at least once again like she used to.

I fear I was not awake or even able to move much for those fifty years that had passed as the world started off with many Giantess's and tiny's. It seems that they had started fighting each other both sides using deadly forces in magic as neither side show any sign of stopping as the tiny's became desperate luring the giantess's into a deadly trap. The tiny's themselves didn't get chance to escape themselves as both sides suffered countless casualty's as both sides had been eliminated.

The remaining giantess's and tiny's where not cut out for battle but the giantess's with there size and natural power haunted many of the tiny survives down. Only a small handful of the tiny's survived as they where forced to serve the giantess's or die. Time passed and it was decided never again should a tiny have the power to rival that of a giantess. They went around destroying all Advance level magic that the tiny's had and flattening those that stood in there way until the tiny's where left with nothing but to serve the giantess's.

Over the coming years Giantess's had decided to keep a watchful eye on the tiny's stopping any form of magic from being practised they took control over different lands and made laws as they watched over the small ones. Each giantess would Rule there land how they saw fit making sure those classed as tiny would not be able to use magic.

The tiny's had split into two groups over time.

The Mistic Guild

Focusing on the revival of Magic and using basic to mid range magic skills. Still to weak to do any damage to a giantess they came training there skills in secret and normally in out of the way places so not to be seen. They became known after some time but had already became strong in defensive spells. They allied with the other Group GreenCross to avoid being attacked by the giantess's


Originally a group of miners feared by giantess's as there level of technology had over taking even that of the giantess's. There miners main city was under threat as they had been expecting this the was a secret underground city built underneath them as they kept it well supplied until one day being forced to flee to underground city many of the citizens left behind as the city was to small for them as the main city was crushed by the giantess's. GreenCross had allied themselves with The Mistic Guild for the trade in knowledge for basic magic skills as they offered the Mistic Guild a place to hide and a way of amplifying the defensive shields through the use of focusing there magic through Crystals.

The Giantess's had also became split over time and having very different ideas on how a Giantess should treat a tiny.

The Dark Guild

These Giantess's believe tiny's to be a lesser creature than human and deserve destruction for even the smallest crime. They wish to control the tiny's or wipe them from existence altogether. To this end The Leader of this guild has to be the most evillest person and show absolute power even to those other giantess's under her command.

The Light Guild

These giantess believe that violence is not the answer and that giantess's should try treating tiny's as equals. These giantess's are pure of heart and believe it is not strength but a kind heart that will over come all. For this reason they wish there leader to be kind, caring and loving but not scared to speak up for the little ones and to offer them protection from those that may wish to do harm to them.
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An Old World is Destroyed A New World is Born
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