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 Create your own skills

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PostSubject: Create your own skills   Wed Jan 29 2014, 06:54

Every Goddess will be required to create skills for your mortal races. 
The skills will be used in a battle or fight for instance when two mortals find one tears at the same time, a fight is required.
The skill will also be used for other different types of battles like the battle between guilds and lands.
The principle of creating skill is that:
1. Simple
2. Balanced
3. Can determine victory easily
4. Can be applied during a RP
5. To avoid Godmodder

So for each goddess you need to create:
1: six level 1 attacking skills
2: four level 1 defense skills
3: three level 2 attacking skills for each race
4: two level 2 defense skills for each race 
(Level 2 skills can be applied to more than one race)
5: One Special skill for each race.

The skill will be either single targeted. Or ranged (note that after leveling up to level 4 most of the ranged attack skill will cause damage to the environment which will need GC to repair)

Special: you can make some special effects for attack and defense skills, but all should be able to trigger after level 4, and do not make the special effect too OP, for special skills, either it is special (not a attack or defense skill) or it must has a special effect on it ( it can be OP but don't put too strong)

The skill sample 
*Skill name*
-skill class: (attack or defense or something else)
-skill element:(dark, light or other elements)
-Description: (what is this skill and how It can be cast, and the type of damage .. Almost everything that will be used in RP)
-level/starting level: 
-Class Requirement:( which race can buy this skill)

You can put it in a Text file and send me throught Skype.

NOTE: Skills can have only one level (which means you can not level it up, but it has a very special effect and cost much)

I have done two level 1 defense skill for you, you can simply paste it and put it into your skill list, it can be bought by all races.

    Class: Defense
    Element: None
    Description: Dodge the next incoming single target spell.
    Special: This skill has only one level, can only use to dodge ONE single target attacking skill at any level. Cost 5 tears to learn it.
    Level: 1
    Class Requirements: All different followers

*Short distance Teleport*
    Class: Defense
    Element: None
    Description: Teleport yoursef away in a short distance to avoid a ranged attack
    Special: This skill has only one level, can only use to dodge ONE ranged attacking skill at any level. Cost 5 tears to learn it.
    Level: 1
    Class Requirements: All different followers

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Create your own skills
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