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 Your Story Begins

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PostSubject: Your Story Begins   Sun Mar 03 2013, 23:05

Here you can post and take part in other players side stories. This doesn't effect your characters main story but can always be fun taking part in another story ^^

The Idea-

Players can post side stories and role play them in game as Icebreakers for the newer players that join.

This itself can be as deep or as shallow as the player decides.

for example Miyako's takes place in Sanctum ^^

A new player that joins may see a story they like or interested in and by finding that character on line they can ask if they would role play the starting scene with them. This can be as short as 15 minutes and most players will be able to spare 15 minutes at some point.

After the scene is done they can close the story at that point and either continue it at another point or leave it just as a single scene Icebreaker.

If you are only going to use it as a single scene Icebreaker then after the scene has ended please inform the player it is over and that wont be a follow up or if you find yourself enjoying doing the Icebreaker and decide to continue it later into a new scene please make a note in your story about it being continued. You might want to do a second scene or even request more people to join to help out in your story if it gets more complex.
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Your Story Begins
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